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The adventure chronicle

Off the beaten path...

into the heart of things.


I tell American stories that sing the unsung, with a focus on the inspirational characters that might get left behind or forgotten by the mainstream.


In order to find them, I practice the lost art of Shunpiking — knowing when to “shun” the turnpike and get onto the back roads where the good stories are tucked away.  The ones that remind us of our best selves.


America is a patchwork quilt, and stories are its stitching.  In a divided age, we need unifying stories more than ever.

At the Blessing of the Bikes in Gautier, MS,

I witnessed black and white biker clubs do

something alarming.  They embraced, and

blessed each other, seemingly oblivious to

the fact that they were recklessly exploding

cherished clichés about The South.

Is everything better, and is Mississippi one

giant nexus of harmony?  Not yet.  But, man

oh man, there sure is a lot more love in the

deep South than you hear about.


And why is that?  Because we obsess about

what's broken, to the point that we

sometimes become myopic, ignoring the

love that's also out there... and which is

also part of the truth. 

Less Hell, More Angel



Alfred A. Knopf
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