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Writing - books, film, TV
Background: looking at the hurricane we're about to descend into, while directing HURRICANE HUNTERS

Touching the Dragon

Wrote this book about war, PTSD, and healing with

Jimmy Hatch / published by Knopf

Book Preview Transparent Bg.png

May 2018

"Jimmy Hatch is a personal hero of mine"

        - Anderson



  - Military Times

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bought by Universal


being packaged (see WME coverage, below)


in development in Bollywood/ about a new breed of enhanced undead

WME HH Cover.jpg

Hurricane Hunters

Director, Executive Producer, and Writer of the docu-series

TWC in flight intv.jpg

The Interceptors

Produced, directed, filmed, and wrote this docu-series sizzle reel for National Geographic

CD filming CBP guns out.jpg

Grabbing some footage during an embed with federal drug interdiction agents

Less Hell, More Angel

Produced, directed, and wrote this award-winning documentary

On a side road in Mississippi, I witnessed black and white biker clubs doing something alarming... hugging, and blessing each other.


HALO: Freefall Warriors

Creator/Executive Producer/Writer on this Discovery Channel Film

Creative Director for Fortune 500s

Orchestrated stories/messaging in film and other media


Below is a sample project from Morgan Stanley

Morgan 3.jpg
Morgan 1.jpg
Morgan 2.jpg

The Porch

and the art of Listening to America

Produced, directed, wrote and hosted this live show

This is the trailer for the live theater show, which sold out before opening night

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RVA mag most authentic.jpg
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